LED one color g reen , dual state blinking: As the rates of identity theft increases, more and more companies are turning to smart technology to secure their networks. Otherwise you will be able to get it from this support page here. Reader and packaging personalization available Customized stickers, logo and colors upon request. In case your reader is well detected but not correctly installed, an exclamation mark will appear:.

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The permissions needed to write settings to the registry. IDBridge smart gemalto card reader readers are designed for securing network access, using the Gemalto PC Core hardware and firmware, handling all types of ISO compatible smart cards. We cannot see any problem reported neither on the smartcard nor on xard reader.

Gemalto USB Card Reader – Secure Retail – Online

User interface is available in several languages and new ones can be easily programmed. In such case, go to the Gemalto support site http: Smartcard reader installation troubleshooting guide Summary Apply this procedure in gemalto card reader your smartcard cannot be detected by your software or you have doubts about your reader installation.

To get a better idea of what is wrong, right-click on the smartcard reader name, then click Properties on the menu: Since we are now at system level, a failing diagnostic can have various reasons: Gemalto card reader back to section “Check reader detection at hardware level ” and check if your reader is correctly installed gemalto card reader. The reason why the reader is not correctly installed may vary: Before starting the procedure, ensure that you are currently connected to your system using an account that has local administrative rights, needed to be granted for: NET” is the proof that the reader is correctly installed and fully functional.


Download and install the Smartdiag tool on your system. The easiest way to do that is to use Gemalto Smartdiag utility software.

Smartcard reader installation troubleshooting guide

In the following case, there is a problem with the registry. The new concept of modular accessories will bring to our customers: In case you are running Vista and 7, you will also need to disable temporarily the UAC this way: If rezder get the status “PASSED”, everything should be gemalto card reader concerning your reader installation, just click “Advanced view” to get the confirmation: Our diversified series includes readers gemalto card reader desktops, laptops, for SIM size card and readers for Pin entry.

rexder To get a better idea of what is wrong, right-click on the gemalto card reader reader name, then click Properties on the menu:. If you can’t read the word, click here. LED one color g reendual state blinking: Prerequisites Gemalto card reader that your smart card reader is xard plugged to your machine according to the note supplied with your device. In such case, you should try to uninstall the current driver and install it again.

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Otherwise you will be gemaalto to get it from this support page here. Turn off more accessible mode. Several different models are available to adapt to every host PC interfaces and Smart Card usages. In case a wrong driver or no driver was found when you plugged your smartcard gemalto card reader in, you will probably get the following error: Enterprises, governments and financial institutions are rapidly deploying a smart card infrastructure for logical access and protecting the privacy of on-line bank customers and gemalto card reader shoppers.


Gemalto GemPC Twin/TR (IDBridge CT30)

Slim Line design Tamper evident casing Designed for graphical customization. In such case, you will have to run specific Microsoft commands gemalto card reader check your registry integrity, but this is out of the scope of the present procedure.

A scalable supply chain, large mass production capacity and qualified manufacturing processes for logo printing and custom colors processing, allows Gemalto to guarantee the best possible service. Gemalto card reader case your reader is well detected but not correctly installed, an exclamation mark will appear: Other problems not directly related to installation functional, mechanical or aspect issues gemalto card reader not covered by this procedure.

Check if the right caed for your reader is installed.

Polycarbonate, crystal transparent color 2 removable gemalto card reader tape to stick it on a desktop. If you get the same kind of problem, your reader is probably faulty.