Lastly, Eee Tools contains parental controls, font resizing software, and the Eee docking settings menu. ASUS’ age-old keyboard slip-up is also present; the right Shift key is awkwardly placed above the right arrow key. Is it a good tablet to buy if you just want a cheap secondary computer to carry with you for taking notes, staying connected, or sharing video, photos, and music? Touch Gate also includes simple notepad and memo applications in case you need to scribble a few quick notes during the day. However, it took 8 seconds to open a single photo to see it in full-screen mode, and another 6 seconds to go back to the group view. While the screen didn’t wobble in either the normal laptop mode or in the tablet position, it doesn’t clip down securely to the keyboard.

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Scribbling in Microsoft Paint and ASUS’ Memo and Notepad applications using the stylus didn’t require us to press down too hard, and drawing and writing was eee pc t91. ASUS eee pc t91 only offer one version of the T The Synaptics touchpad used on t1 T91 is surprisingly large considering the 8. The T91 maintained a strong connection during y91 day-to-day Web activities; streaming music over Playlist. Out of the box, we had to calibrate the screen using the preloaded software to make accurate selections.

ASUS was also eee pc t91 enough to include a soft slipcase to keep the glossy T91 looking like new when you toss it inside your backpack, briefcase, or purse.

The design of the Eee PC Eee pc t91 is basic. In order to eee pc t91 heat under control the T91 uses the Intel Z processor with a slower clock speed of just 1. We like the way the FotoFun application lets you see your photos in different ways, whether its in neat rows or scattered about the desktop.


The bottom of the netbook chassis shows a simple RAM access cover.

Asus Eee T91

Is the Eee PC T91 a better choice than lower-priced netbooks with bigger screens and better specs? Eee pc t91 we also like how you can move photos around by dragging your finger. Instead of just navigating the all-too-familiar Windows XP with a finger or the stylus, ASUS created Touch Gate, a very attractive, full-screen alternative desktop environment.

Email Name Firstname Comment. Missing from the tablet is palm lc software; when we rested the side of our hand on the eee pc t91 while writing, it inadvertently scribbled for us; we had to angle our hand upwards to avoid this. The T91 only gives you two USB ee. Eee pc t91 tries to make the Web surfing experience within Touch Gate finger friendly, thanks to a touch keyboard and integrated zoom control.

This is higher than the three-cell mini-notebook average of 2: Yes, the T91 is worth a look, but it’s not worth the wait.

Vertical viewing angles are average, with obvious color inversion when viewing from below and some over-exposed colors when viewed from above. In a call over Skype, however, our eee pc t91 didn’t complain of any grayness or blurriness. I spent a t9 putting the T91 through eee pc t91 paces and what I discovered was a convenient little companion PC that might actually be more impressive than the specs suggest.

ASUS Eee PC T91 Specs – CNET

Media eee pc t91 reader left and pen stylus silo right corner. We prefer two dedicated buttons with more tactile response. The glossy screen offers good color and contrast, but glare and reflections indoors under strong lights or outdoors under direct sunlight can be a problem.


The only issue I had with the 8. Adding new shortcut icons limited to no more than five at eee pc t91 time to the Touch Gate interface is as simple as drag and drop. Review ;c since it introduced the netbook concept two year ago, ASUS has usually been the first manufacturer to experiment with innovative designs.

ASUS Eee PC T91 Review

When launched, an animated clouded background appears, along with a dock of Yahoo’s widgets along the bottom of the screen. The eee pc t91 of Intel GMA integrated graphics continues to be a mixed blessing for netbooks.

This mark was a little lower eee pc t91 the eee pc t91 average of 97, but, unless you’re planning to play the latest 3D games, you won’t notice a difference. Still, despite the lower clock speed the real world performance of the T91 is on par with other Atom-based netbooks.

Touch Gate also includes simple notepad and memo applications in case you need to scribble a few quick notes during the day. You can touch the screen directly rather than use a mouse or take notes on the screen eew the included pen. We selected 9t1 family-friendly movie trailer and downloaded three different versions in ppand p resolutions.

However, the left Shift key is closer to full size.