Doing upgrade via mac app store is similar, just partitioning hard drive is harder. Never tested USB C anything. You can do this with the App “Pandora’s Box” of insanelymac use google for download link , which is pretty easy to use. Use an external USB card reader. Hit F12 during boot to show boot list.

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Dell optiplex 3010 ethernet works somehow, but high chance to destroy your whole dataEthednet works fine! If you only know how to copy commands in your shell and you dont sthernet what they’re doing, then stop the tutorial and revert to windows or buy a real mac.

Choose your newly formatted partition. It’s possible you have to call the apple hotline to get your fake serial whitelisted by telling a good story why apple forgot to add your serial number in dell optiplex 3010 ethernet system. Follow the instructions on screen.

You can always boot into it using the USB stick. Set ig-platform-id to 0x, select your installed partition and press Enter.

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Apart from that same process essentially, not recommended Credits Credit Hackintosher. USBInjectAll is not intended for permanent use.


Make sure to select GUID as partition sheme. After Modded Deploy Opptiplex should have no Internet at this point, the following next steps dell optiplex 3010 ethernet resolve that. Optional steps are marked in GREEN, System dependent steps are BLUE English dell optiplex 3010 ethernet not my mother-tongue and i’m writing this without proof reading, so please forgive my bad spelling If you’ve questions or something doesn’t work: Also select to install the RC-Scripts.

Additionally do a search in google and this forum.

To prevent getting in hibernation which can and will corrupt your datajust set the default sleep mode to “suspend to ram” sleep instead of “suspend to disk” hibernation sudo pmset -a hibernatemode dell optiplex 3010 ethernet To get HDMI Audio working: Device fixes Most of the fixes are dell optiplex 3010 ethernet in the attached kext zip.

Many knowledge of “how to hackintosh a dell in the first place” by the tutorial of Gymnae http: However, his Clover folder is unbootable with Mojave and thus has edll redone. This should install the 33010 Boot System.

It’s pretty common that apple BANS your apple-id from iMessage and other services if you’ve logged in on not well configured hackintoshs! For full guide please see here – Boot your existing Hackintosh or real Mac.

I have done a semi-successful install of macOS Sierra It’s just more stable. If you want to use the iServices, dell optiplex 3010 ethernet have to do some advanced steps, which are not completly explained in this tutorial.


Ethernet does not work on Dell OptiPlex – LAN and Wireless – InsanelyMac Forum

Dell Optiplex Intel Core i 3. Select the Diskutil and delete the old partitions. Never tested USB C anything. I personally suggest using real data from an old broken macbook. Your system should be bootable by itself. If you use a hynix device and you didnt do the 4k sector switch, you’ll have to add the following patch to your config. There are multiple tutorials ddell explain how to do it like “http: Choose your USB to start. You can enable this by entering sudo spctl dell optiplex 3010 ethernet If you’re using dell optiplex 3010 ethernet ootiplex monitor, you’ll have to copy the UHD enabling kexts to your clover directory: